The Europarts was founded in 1996 by the founder Francesco Ostuni, Chief of extensive experience in the automotive industry, as far back as 1970. With the managerial addition of Mark Cupertino, the Company has projected a modern management according to a new distribution approach, the result of technological evolution and the sign of the change taking place among the major competitors in the industry. Through the generational change and with the recruitment of a highly qualified staff consists of ten warehouse keepers, one call center, four employees and two representative agents, the Company is preparing a further step: in fact, following the marketing strategy outlined by management, for the purpose of a trade and logistic expansion, it will lead to a further enlargement of the structural of today's headquarter, reaching total 10,000 square meters, of which 4.000 as warehouse, located in the Stanic area of Bari, in order to expand the range of products offered to its customers and to provide the continuous availability of products and expertise in working everyday.